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The “Dare to Be D.I.N.O” event celebrates Strong, Resilient, Driven, Committed, Visionary, Capable, Intelligent Women in business.

This event Empowers Women in Business to confidently bypass the 6 figure glass ceiling of entrepreneurship & shatter the status quo!

It’s not your age, your past or your current circumstances. 

It’s your vision.

Are you filled with joy?

Are you exactly where you want to be in life & business?

If Not … What’s Holding You Back?

What do you need to get there?

Clarity & Answers.

How do you get Clarity, Answers & the Support you Need to Achieve your Goals & Dreams?
Attend the “Dare To Be D.I.N.O!”  Women’s Leadership Event!

Imagine yourself in the near future, living life on your terms, on your time, with just the right amount of everything you desire for you, your business and your family.

What would that look like? Feeling great about yourself, hearing gratitude for the work you do professionally and enjoying the fun and laughter of your loved ones as you share quality time with them.

All because you cleverly crafted your career for time and abundance rather than stress and overwhelm that you might be experiencing right now.

Does this future sound good to you? Envision a bold new you: Confident, strong, decisive, financially independent, secure, successful, peaceful and full of all the goodness life has to offer.

That’s what you will learn how to create at the Dare To Be D.I.N.O. event. Easily and Effortlessly!

The sooner you make yourself a priority the sooner you will feel better about yourself. You CAN BE the TRUE YOU on the outside that YOU KNOW you already are on the inside.

This two-day Entrepreneurial Women’s Business Leadership event in San Diego, CA delivers clarity & answers on how to create, embrace and LIVE the Vision of YOU that you’ve always dreamed of!

Learn & Engage with Best-in-the-Biz Speakers That Excel in their field and empower Women Entrepreneurs.

Actionable tactics.  Candid lessons of success and failure.  Humorous and heartfelt stories from a hand-picked lineup of presenters who bring a wealth of expertise & experience from their field.

> Define your mission and align that with your goals and values.

> Discover how to connect with your passions that empower you.

> Identify hidden things that are holding you back.

> Walk away with new skills, tools, insights, knowledge and resources

>Learn how to overcome obstacles to stay on track.

Meet Your Keynote Speaker: 

She’s the “Trailblazing Entrepreneur”. STBI Survivor. Innovator of Effective Entrepreneurial Education.

With Special Guest Presentation by “CNN’s Father of Modern Networking”

Debbra Sweet is a transformational catalyst. She is a trailblazer in universal leadership and entrepreneurial education.   Her knowledge and experience leads you through a proven path to create a better business, a better future.  Embrace your inner potential. Learn how to propel results with practical real life skills and step into the 7 figure lifestyle and Thrive! 

Be at this event to work with Debbra Sweet as she leads you to overcome one of the biggest problems that most entrepreneur encounter!

Watch this to meet Debbra & Discover Why She’s so Passionate to Help You “Rock Your Results” 

Think you can’t do it? Think again! With our team of expert entrepreneurs and master trainers we will help you nest into the information and ongoing support, you need to make the NEW YOU your exciting reality for 2018.

We’ve been where you are; frustrated, stuck and unfulfilled. We’ve overcome life’s most common stumbling blocks and will show you exactly how to do the same, all with a perspective of knowing how women in business succeed.

The two day agenda includes 10 Dynamic Professionals that are Get It DONE trainers.

From business to personal development our speakers, trainers and coaches will teach you how to get better results in every area of life.

Together, we have a common  standard of excellence and continuously look for ways to over-deliver.

Watch this to hear Tom & Debbra share more about what to expect when you attend!


This is a limited seating event. Get your tickets now! Reconnect with passions and create a plan a successful business that is focused on that vision!


  • Experienced leaders will share powerful insights on strengthening and growing your business
  • See powerful presentations on how to get what you want in the workplace and in life with strategies for success
  • Be motivated and inspired by our speakers who have achieved great heights while overcoming challenges too
  • Connect with women from across the country who share a common passion for business
  • Establish relationships with key companies that can help you streamline your business for more time and ROI
  • Network. Re-energize. Break Boundaries.