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Learn & Engage with Best-in-the-Biz Speakers That Excel in their field and empower Women Entrepreneurs.

Actionable tactics.  Candid lessons of success and failure.  Humorous and heartfelt stories from a hand-picked lineup of presenters who bring a wealth of expertise & experience from their field.

>>Universal Leadership & Business Growth Expert
>>International Dancer & Woman’s Empowerment Expert
>>Award Winning Founder of Behavioral Financial Change
>>One of San Diego’s most Influential Women in Business
>>Photographer to the Stars

>>Multi-Cultural Real Estate Expert
>>International Lifestyle Travel Expert
>>Top TV Producer for Major Network Shows
>>Global Relationships Expert
>>An Expert in Networking with Excellence for Lasting Results

Meet Your Guest Speakers:

Marcy Browe

Presentation Title: “Confidence is gorgeous. Learn how to ‘own it’ in front of the camera.”

Marcy is a photographer specializing in portraits, personal branding photos and family photography. She’s a Photographer to the Stars and will make you look like a star on camera too!

Many times women hide from the camera. However, by stepping in front of the camera and “owning it” you are revealing your personal inner beauty.

During this presentation, you will learn tips and tricks for being more comfortable in front of the camera. Learn how to showcase the best version of you and to have the confidence to be in front of the camera to help you build your brand and business.

Sohaila Zyba

Presentation Title: Discover Your Sense-ual Woman; Reclaim Your Senses, Your Self and Your Seductress Spirit!”

With over 35 years of belly dance performance and teaching experience around the world, Sohaila found a way to connect with women on a deeper level. She does this by teaching women to rediscover their five sacred senses through ancient dance movement.

Sohaila’s technique empowers all women to connect with their true passion and their innate femininity again.

At this event you will learn a very powerful technique to help you remember how to access and use your five exceptionally powerful sacred senses. You will tap into positive memories, unearthing your core desires empowering you to destress, gain balance and passion;  personally and professionally.

Marianne Schwab

Presentation Title: “Insider Secrets to Getting Booked as a Guest on TV Talk Shows”

Want to be seen on television shows on ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, CNN, and more and then turn your media exposure into a steady stream of clients? No one knows more about the types of stories that producers are looking to book on their show than a former network television producer.

Marianne Schwab is the “go to” person to show you how to harness the power of media. Former Network TV Producer, Marianne helps book authors, bloggers, speakers, small business owners, and experts in all specialties become sought after on-camera “go-to” experts for TV and radio programs so they can create trust and credibility that leads to dynamically increasing their income and business.

At this event she’ll share insider secrets on how to book an interview on a TV talk show!

Pam Russell

Presentation Title: “It’s All About Relationships”

When you are building your business, you need focus, passion, a plan and people to help you achieve your dreams.  It’s ALL about relationships!  It is all about the stories you create through your actions—and inter-actions—with the people you come in contact with throughout your life.

Unlike an old adage, it is NOT about WHO you know, but rather about the stories they tell ABOUT you—the “word of mouth” that they share with others about their experience of you.

Pam is known as a “Connector” of people.  She’s a Global Relationships Expert. In this session reveals how to build—and retain the most amazing relationships—in your business, in your social networks, in life!

Tamara Golden

Presentation Title:  “From Values to Vision”

Tamara Golden is the owner of Golden Journeys Travel.

The owner of Golden Journeys Travel, Tamara is an international travel consultant and retreat planner. She works with coaches and transformation leaders to plan custom retreat experiences worldwide.

Tamara lived and worked for several years in Italy and is fluent in Italian, conversant in French, with a basic knowledge of German. An avid traveler herself, Tamara thoroughly enjoys designing and leading trips that share her innate curiosity about the history, art, culture, and cuisine of other countries and regions.

Prior to transitioning to the world of travel, Tamara worked for 20 years as a career and life coach. The common thread throughout her work, whether as a coach or trip planner, has been to support individuals in identifying and realizing their dreams and goals, and supporting them on their journeys.


Maria Peña-Morales

Emcee for the Dare to Be DINO Event is Maria Peña-Morales.

She is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Maria is a Multi-Cultural Real Estate Expert, based in San Diego but works with Global Connections.

As one of six children in a first generation Mexican-American household, she witnessed the strong, positive immigrant spirit of her parents and their drive to live the American Dream.  Even as a young girl, Maria grew up helping her carpenter father build her childhood home and thus began her interest in real estate. Her entrepreneurial drive would take her into the business field. She launched her first sole proprietorship at the age of 25.

With the support of her husband and encouragement from friends and family, Maria took over Team Q of RE/MAX Ranch & Beach. Despite the real estate downturn in 2008, Team Q excelled and was in the top 1% of RE/MAX agents nationwide recognized with the coveted Platinum Club and Hall of Fame Awards.

Jeff Morris

Presentation Title:The Dream Maker Process- How to Transform Your Life and Make Your Dreams & Goals a Reality in Just 10 Minutes a Day.”

Jeff Morris is the Founder of  The DreamSmartAcademy, The SpendSmart Nation and Co-Founder of The SpendSmart Companies. His journey to serve the community and families started in 2009 when Jeff and Gregory Spencer, created SpendSmart.org, a 501c (3) Nonprofit.

This organization was established to provide customized and unbiased financial literacy and wellness educational workshops, webinars, and coaching in the areas of Spending, Saving, Debt, Credit, Investing, Behavioral Economics, Leadership, and Character Development.  Jeff’s vision led to the creation of The SpendSmart Nation to serve a larger and more diverse population. Jeff leads a team of experts that are seeking to impact the millions of underbanked, underserved, disenfranchised individuals, families, and small businesses that are experiencing economic and relational challenges.

Jeff is skilled as a Certified Master Money Coach, Certified Credit Expert, Life Coach, and Speaker. Morris is considered one of the nation’s thought leaders on Neuro-Behavioral Finance.

Jeff’s presentation will open your eyes and understanding with strategies to make ANY dream or goal you have a reality.


Tom Sheltraw

Presentation Title: “The Power of Networking:  How to Electrify Your Results!”

Is your business experiencing a plateau, or are you looking to breakthrough to the next level of success?  If you answered YES, then the insights you will learn during this segment will help you plug into your contacts to electrify your results.

There is a secret sauce to business success, and one of the main ingredients is Effective Networking.

If networking with other business professionals is not a large and successful part of your business growth strategy, then you are missing out on a huge growth potential.

Tom Sheltraw has been a self-employed entrepreneur for over 24 years and is also a Director Consultant for BNI – one of the world’s largest business networking, referrals and word of mouth marketing organization. He is An Expert in Networking with Excellence for Lasting Results. If you are looking for some amazing and transformational changes in your company, then you won’t want to miss this!  You are only a few people away from success!

If you are looking for some amazing and transformational changes in your company, then you need to be here.  You are only a few people away from success!

DINO is about being BOLD, being BRAVE, being STRONG.

It’s about taking your passions, dreams and goals and getting beyond the boundaries that have been holding you back,  aligning you with the right people, the right resources, the right tools to make that dream a reality for a profitable, scalable, purposeful business.

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